Kaan Ozkan
"Creativity has to be disruptive"

Future Lions 2018 - GuidEyes

Young Lions 2018
Idea: GuidEyes powered by Google
Year: 2018
Creatives: Deniz Can Özdemir, Kaan Özkan

What is GuideEyes?
GuideEyes is an application by Google and works together with Google Maps. It helps people who have vision impairment in their daily life.

How does it work?
The mechanism is simple. The user needs a smartphone with a voiceover program, an earphone and a chip attached to the shoelace.
First of all, download the GuidEYES to your smartphone. When you confirm your address, Google will send your chip in 2-3 working days. The chip which is supposed to be attached to the shoelace works like a kind of sonar system and perceives unexpected obstacles for
instance humans, light poles, cats, cars and others. So, when unknown thing appears, GuidEyes immediately will warn the person: “In 10 meters there is a tree, slightly turn right” or “There is someone front of you, please walking slowly".

What about other feature?
Another feature is spotting places such as bus stops and subway entrances. It identifies the bus number via the buses’ GPS system too. For instance, when you are in bus stop and the bus stops, GuidEYES will announce the bus number for the people who has vision impairment. Therefore, they do not hesitate to take the wrong bus. They will be
totally confident!

According to the World Health Organization, 253 million people live with vision impairment and those of 36 million are blind. GuidEYES would like to make their lives easier!

Life is good. Let’s make it easier.